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Jennifer is real. She’s like a girl that could live next door to you, but she’s also that girl that could knock you out. She’s intense, she’s confident, she’s emotional and she’s very available. It all reads on her face. — David O. Russell
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Whenever Josh is like “I don’t think you should do it like that”. And then I’m like “Oh, really? Do you wanna tell that to my Oscar?”

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Jennifer Lawrence covers Psychologies Magazine’s June 2014 issue (cred.)

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Jennifer Lawrence + New York City

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Jennifer Lawrence goes glam in her all white outfit while leaving the Good Morning America studios on Monday morning (April 21) in New York City

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Jennifer Lawrence outside of Good Morning America [4.21.14]

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Anonymous: how do you make hd gifs

for best quality gifs, your video should be either 720p or 1080p

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"I mean, Jennifer Lawrence, you never know what’s coming out of her mouth. Sometimes she’s like, singing a song, and then we’re all singing. It’s kind of all over the place." - Jena Malone.

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